There is one, and only one, thing I like about the NFL Draft

The hand-wringing of some dopey white quarterback who thought he was going to be drafted first overall and still has not been taken through 16 picks.

I love it, and today Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn has officially joined the Matt Leinart dissed-at-the-draft club.

Wait a minute…breaking news…with the 17th pick…the Denver Broncos select…NOT Brady Quinn.

I know nothing about college football. Don’t follow it. Don’t watch it. Don’t particularly care for it. I know nothing about Brady Quinn. Maybe he was the best player in the draft. I don’t know, and fuck if I care. Nothing pleases my heart more than watching the squirming and writhing and frustration of some well-to-do college kid who thinks he is getting disrespected and overlooked, though.

Now, I have a policy regarding whenever Mel Kiper and/or Michael Irvin and/or Chris Berman is on the television. That policy is the mute button. So I do not know how much spittle is flying about this whole issue…but as I said…I enjoy every minute of it…every time they cut back to the frustrated Quinn and his girlfriend it makes me smile big. Fuck Brady Quinn and his sense of entitlement. Dumb bastard should be happy to fall so low in the draft. He is going to end up with a better team.

P.S. The San Jose Sharks are up on Detroit 2-0 early in the first, and the Bengals just selected NOT Brady Quinn with the 18th pick.

The Browns traded to pick Quinn at 22. I guess the whole thought of him landing with a better team was wrong.

Enjoy the mistake by the lake, Brady. Bring your shiv.


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