06-03-07 Rolling Knolls back 9 – smooth as silk.

I ripped some shit up yesterday.

Dad wanted to golf. I had not gone in a couple weeks and he was willing to foot the bill, so it was on. For any number of reasons, all which I have listed in previous posts, we went to Rolling Knolls. Got there at about 5 pm, figured we would have time to get 9 holes in with a cart. We intended to play the front 9, but there was a foursome of the worst swings we have ever seen teeing off, so we decided to play the back, where there was only a group of 2 who seemed to have a reasonable understanding of how the game is played in front of us.

The back 9 starts off with this 282 yard par 4, with passing cars on Rohrsson Road (left) always intimidating.

I got off to an inauspicious start. My first tee shot did something that me tee shots do not normally do…went dead left. Not a even a hook…I just pulled it foul down the left field line. It likely took a big bounce off Rohrssen Road and came to rest in the spacious backyard of an expensive house across the street…so I was already down one ball (Dad had given me about 15 balls to replenish what I had lost a couple weeks ago) and shooting for 3. I was afeared I would have a repeat performance of my last outing, but my second shot from the tee was a lovely little 5 wood. Dead straight, center cut, pitching wedge in. Decent recovery.

My second shot required an assist from the afforementioned Rohrssen Road. The green is set back behind a little stream, with a steep embankment leading up to the street on the left. I had the right distance on my shot, but it was tailing left. I thought it was going to hit a guard rail or the roadway itself and be lost to more private property, but luckily for me it caught the very edge of the asphalt and shot out dead right, leaving me in the rough about 10 feet behind the green.

The 10th green slopes back to front fairly severely, so I opted to pop it up with my new favorite sand wedge, and left myself with a 10 footer, which I ended up two putting. I will take that to start…would have been a bogey had I not shanked my first shot.

From that point on, I did not look back. I beat my dad on every damn hole until the 18th, and not just because he was playing about as poorly as I have ever seen him play (although he did correct himself and play solid towards the end). I was on my game, and would end up stringing together 6 straight holes of bogey and par golf, with triples on the 10th and 18th and a double on the 17th.

Everything was flying straight for me, and I had the proper club every time. I got the lucky bounces and even had a very nice save out of some leafy mud, over two traps and on, giving me a shot a birdie on the 15th. My putting was negligible, but given that I was solid everywhere else, I did not mind a 3 putt here or there.

I cannot get through the par 3 17th hole without losing at least 2 in the drink on the right beyond the trees, which runs the entire distance from the tee to the green. Very little room for error.

While the 17th hole is stunningly pleasant to look at…I just cannot seem to get it right off the tee, which is due in large part to the fact that it requires the use of my 6 iron, a club which I have no idea how to use. It is a large green and should not be difficult to hit. There is a nice big window to hit through and I have NEVER gone into the water you hit over in front and to the left. For some reason, no matter how far left I line up my shot, I fade it off into the creek beyond the trees on the right. I save my mulligan for this hole every time. I use it on my first tee shot every time, and then I do the exact same thing with my second shot every time. I wish I could have shot par or bogey on this hole, just to get that monkey off my back.

By and far my best 9 of the season and I am looking forward to getting out there again sometime soon.

Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN
Yardage 282 77 127 221 273 238 89 159 179 1645
Par 4 3 3 4 4 4 3 3 3 31
Dad 9 4 9 7 8 4 4 5 5 55
Me 7 4 4 5 4 4 4 5 6 43

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