White Sox give Buehrle new paper.

It sounds as though the White Sox have resigned their lefty ace Mark Buehrle to a 4 year, $50,000,000 extension, although the White Sox official site is failing to confirm these rumors.

With the Sox sputtering near the bottom of the competitive AL, I find it kind of surprising that they would resign Buehrle. Clearly one of the best left handed starters in the game, Buehrle is the only piece in the White Sox puzzle that can help rebuild the orginization by netting either high level prospects or an equal value major leaguer or two in a trade. As it stands, the Sox will likely need to restock their entire outfield and at least the middle of their infield, and perhaps a 3rd baseman depending on Joe Crede‘s back surgery and contract issues. The Sox have some live arms in their bullpen, but all of them have failed to get the job done this season and some fortification will need to be done in long relief, as well.

While I would rather have Mark Buehrle in town than shipped out, I think it will be a lot harder and more expensive for the Sox to pay and build around him than it would be to deal him and start from scratch.


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3 Responses to White Sox give Buehrle new paper.

  1. Your Brother says:

    The Cubs just won their sixth in a row and you are wasting your time on Sox mumbo-jumbo. For shame.

  2. Yeah, give those Cubbies some love too

  3. Mark says:

    Yeah, go Cubs. Ha! Now thats funny. The Sox got a deal on Buehrle. I’m sure there are plenty of other teams that would pay at least 15 million a year for him. So to lock him down for 12.5 million a year for the next 4 years is pretty good for a solid 15 game winning lefty who I believe is only 28 years of age. I’m glad they resigned him. If the Sox are looking to deal, I would say that Jermaine Dye would be the one they need to part with. Thanks

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