Cubs acquire Jason Kendall

Announced during the game tonight. Cubs send the recently acquired Rob Bowen to Oakland for 12th year veteran catcher Jason Kendall. Kendall’s numbers are in the toilet this year, but he has been a solid ballplayer his whole career and with Koyie Hill not even hitting his weight and Henry Blanco on the Kerry Wood disabled list plan, Kendall can be considered a sizable upgrade with his meager .226 average.

Kendall’s career numbers are very good, but as I mentioned, all of his numbers are down this year. His BA is down 70 points to .226, SLG down 110 points to .281 and his OBP is down 110 points to .261. I have seen a lot of Kendall from his time with the Pirates and always liked him. His career numbers suggest that he is far better than currently constituted and hopefully the change to Wrigley will help him find his old form.

P.S. Cubs just took the lead in the 9th on an Aramis Ramirez double and the fucking bleacher morons started throwing garbage on the field for no good goddamn reasons.

Did I mention how fucking stupid Cubs fans are?


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