Fooling myself.

Grace woke up at 6:30 this morning. Despite having gone to bed at 2 or 3 am last night…I was thrilled with this. Why? The Open Championship coverage started on TNT at 6 am. This year the Open is being held at the truly majestic Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, and because of the time delay, it makes for super early coverage here in the states, which, in turn, means I actually get to watch some first and second round golf for a change. Normally I get to watch an hour or so before I have to leave for work, but today I get at least 5 or more hours of watching the best players in the world play at one of the oldest and most storied courses in golf. One of the birthplaces of golf.

The thing about Carnoustie is that it is located right on the eastern coast of Scotland, so the weather changes by the day, or perhaps by the hour. When we awoke today, it was overcast, rainy and dreary at Carnoustie. All of the players were in long sleeves. Sweaters. Windbreakers. Tiger Woods was even wearing mittens to keep his hands warm between his shots. The temperature there was about 55°.

Now, the whole week here in Chicago has been hot and humid and muggy, so we have had the air conditioning on here in the apartment. We had a pretty hellacious thunder and lightning storm last night, the remnants of which were still lingering this morning. So the combination of the sun low in the sky, the dark clouds still on the horizon, the conditions in Scotland I have been watching all morning and the AC keeping it nice and chilly in here, I had convinced myself that it was a brisk autumn day outside. After I got Grace back to sleep, I brewed a nice strong pot of coffee, made some eggs and biscuits and huddled up in the darkened living room to watch golf while my forward thinking (read: NOT stupid) wife went straight the fuck back to bed.

Now the sun has broken through both at Carnoustie and here at home. The weather forecast says 75° which sounds pleasant until they mention the part about 90% humidity. So, while I am thrilled that I have gotten to watch all this golf, I am now realizing that the heat and lack of sleep is going to make for a rotten day at work and I feel daft for letting my eyes trick my brain.

P.S. John Daly lol.


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