Cubs extend Carlos Zambrano

Well, big Jim Hendry finally managed to huff and puff his way through a contract extension for Cubs young ace Carlos Zambrano. says that it is a “five year contract with a sixth year vesting option,” and the first article I googled claims the new deal is rumored to be worth approximately $90 million.

Carlos is by and far the best starter the Cubs have and, unlike the porcelain golden boys Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, Zambrano has shown the ability to stay healthy over the course of several seasons, which means now that his arm is probably going to fall off during his next start on Sunday night.

Very little to complain about with this deal. This was the right move to make and kudos to everyone involved, although I would have preferred this were done before the season ever started.

Cubs season is over, btw.


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3 Responses to Cubs extend Carlos Zambrano

  1. I’m not a Cubs fan, but I’m not sure how you can say their season is over, considering they’re in first place. And when the Brewers are crapping the bed.

    Is the Zambrano deal a good one? He’s a heavy-set right-hander, not a guy w/ a particularly fluid pitching motion. If something happens to his shoulder next year, it’s a terrible deal.

  2. Anthony says:

    I just do not think the Cubs are championship caliber. The whole NL Central sucks. They should win the division, but I want them to win the World Series, not just make it to the playoffs, and I find the possibility of that to be very slim.

    As far as Zambrano goes, he has thrown 200+ innings and 30+ starts in 4 straight seasons. That is about as durable and reliable a Cubs pitcher as Chicago has seen in a long time. Jim got him for much cheaper than he would have fetched on the open market and the only thing I do not like about this deal is the full no-trade protection.

    You cannot hesitate from making a deal for someone with no history of injuries just because it might happen.

  3. Shane says:

    One thing that I’ve always been surprised that no one complains about his how screwed the NL Central is, especially in relation to the AL West. They have SIX teams. The AL West has FOUR teams. Simple statistical probability tells you that the Cubs (or Brewers… or Astros, etc…), irregardless of talent are at a significant disadvantage to make the playoffs in comparison to, say, the Oakland A’s. They are at a slightlessly less but still existing disadvantage vs. say, my beloved Gigantes.

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