ATTN: Extremely high paid athletes on a certain floundering baseball team

Yesterday there was a starting pitcher in the Majors who could not get out of the 5th inning. That is nothing unusual. Happens all the time. The main difference is that this particular pitcher, who shall remain nameless as to not hurt is poor wittle feewings, is in the midst of a wretched string of winless starts that goes back to the month of July. What’s more glaring is that this particular pitcher also just got a gigantic contract extension which paid him a lot of money and locked him up for a long time. Fruthermore, this pitcher is not only the best starter on the team, but one of the best in the league he plays in. Before he hit the skids there was major Cy Young consideration for him.

Yesterday, though, things continued to not go well, and when his manager pulled him out of the game in the 5th inning after giving up a lot of hits and runs, he received a chorus of boos from his hometown crowd who have apparently grown tired of his poor performance.

This certain pitcher is a known as a hot head who likes to show up opponents and teammates on the field, and he gestured at the disapproving fans as he exited the field, motioning to his ears as if to say “I hear you.”

After the game, the hurler criticized the fans for booing, claiming that ‘when you are struggling is when you need the fans support the most.’ Another star player on his team backed him up with the typical ‘we are human…we aren’t perfect’ rigamarol.

Please allow me to rebut these points.

First off, Mr. Pitcher, how about the past month. Your team has needed you pretty badly. One of the key parts of the offense missed most of the month with an injury and your team has been slowly clawing their way to first in their division in the middle of a pennant race. Where was your support for them? Every start you have made, people were wondering “is this the start where he breaks his slump and returns to form?” Your manager has labeled you as the ace of the team and said that you are supposed to be the stopper. When you start a ballgame, the other team is supposed to expect to lose. Yes. Your team needed you pretty fucking badly over the course of the past 6 weeks and you have done nothing but gone out there and shit your pants EVERY SINGLE START.

So I do not buy into your theory that you need the support of the fans when you are struggling. There is ample proof that the drooling masses who love your team are very, very, very, very, VERY patient. They have waited a very, very , very, very, very, VERY long time for a World Series contender, and they have every right to express disappointment when the highest paid and best pitcher on the team is horribly underperforming at a crucial point in the season. Not only are they allowed to boo you, but they have waited a good Goddamned long time to do so. Fans in more critical cities on the east coast never would have ever granted you an entire month of leeway between losses and boos.

Grow up. You want us to treat you like an adult but you act like a child on the mound. Perhaps when you become a little more professional and prove yourself when it really counts fans will be a little more tolerant, but if you want to act like such a fucking tough guy then you have to learn to not be so thin skinned when it comes to criticism.

All this time, when a string of 3 or 4 quality starts from you could have helped to propel your team out of the doldrum, fans have been patient. Yesterday their frustrations reached critical mass and they let you have it. Get used to it. You have sucked and you deserved every single Goddamn one of those boos. Instead of chastising the fans you should be praising them for waiting as long as they did to vent their frustrations.

As far as the teammate who wants to inform us that ‘we are human. we aren’t perfect,’ all I have to say about that is that you are playing a game for a living, and the reason that you guys get paid the absurd amounts to do so is because you are supposed to be the best people at your jobs in the entire world. The major leagues are an exclusive club that most of us wish we could join but never will be able to because we do not have the talent. The expectations for high paid, gifted athletes playing professional sports are a lot higher than they are for anyone else. An error here and there is acceptable. Over a month of struggling and floundering is not. If this were a kid brought up from the minors, he would have been sent down after 3 or 4 starts.

Shut up, grow up and man up. You’re trying to win the pennant and criticizing the fans is not going to make that job any easier for you.


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