Finally, something enjoyable about this baseball season.

These are lean times for baseball in Chicago. Sure, there are people who think the Cubs are in it still…clinging to the moronic idea that this team can be the Cardinals of last season and win the World Series if the manage to fight off the awful Brewers and win the worst division in the history of professional sports.

Those people are morons. The Cubs are done. They have been for a long time.

Luckily, for Sox fans, they do not have to experiences the gut-wrenching horror that is a meaningless playoff “run.” Their team ran the white flag up the flag pole about 3 or 4 months ago and the fans don’t have to make any emotional investment as October draws near only to have their hearts stomped upon by a real team from a real division.

Also luckily for Sox fans, they got to see a Mark Buehrle no hitter early in the season. US Cellular Field was the setting for another baseball milestone tonight, as it hosted the dramatic 500th home run of one of baseball’s good guys, Jim Thome.

Thome has an undisputed reputation of being a big, cuddly, philanthropic teddy bear who respects everyone and who everyone respects. His 500th home run tonight came off Dustin Moseley – the latest hurler to go down in history as the answer to a home run trivia question – in the bottom of the 9th inning and sealed a victory for the floundering White Sox who were down by six runs at one point in the game. It also so happened to be Jim Thome bobblehead night at the stadium, and all of the fans in attendance were given a commemorative plaque afterwards featuring a picture of Thome and a quote thanking all the fans for their support and for helping him celebrate his special moment. Also in attendance to help him celebrate was his family, including his Dad who was very proud and emotional after the game. He was very happy that it happened in front of his hometown fans here in Chicago. The Anaheim Angels lined the top of their dugout to show their appreciation and respect for the slugger.

500 has long been the home run watermark that earned a player enshrinement into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. Thome did not need number 500 to enter the hall of fame in my book, but in a sport that is so statistic and numbers obsessed, it is always nice when a good guy from a team in my town can enter one of the more exclusive clubs in professional sports.

Congratulations Jim.


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7 Responses to Finally, something enjoyable about this baseball season.

  1. Your Brother says:

    I am starting to like these posts less and less. So a player hitting his 500th home run for a team that is going nowhere is more exciting and enjoyable than THE MOTHER FUCKING CUBS being in first place!!!

  2. Anthony says:

    The only reason the Cubs are in first place is because they happen to play in MLB’s minor league division.

    If MLB instituted relegation, the whole NL Central would be demoted.

    I’ve stopped thinking in the micro and started thinking in the macro with the Cubs. Do you think they are going to win the World Series? I don’t think they have a chance in hell.

  3. Your Brother says:

    If they win the division, they can for sure make it to the WS. I dunno if you have been following, but the rest of the National League is just like the Central Divison. Could we beat a team like the Red Sox or the Yankees in the WS….I’m not sure. However, record wise, we have the best 1-2 punch of starting pitchers pretty much in baseball…and that can go a long way.

  4. Anthony says:

    The Cubs have been treading to keep their heads above water and gasping for air ever since July. They will win the division and then the Diamondbacks or Mets or Padres or whomever they face are going to come along and dunk their head down and hold it down until the glaring weaknesses on the team (back end of the rotation, bullpen, power outage etc) become evident and the fans all realize that Stay Puft Hendry doled out $300 MILLION in contracts in the offseason for a team of ill-fitting pieces.

    If the Cubs win the World Series, not only will I be the happiest person alive, I will certainly be the most surprised.

  5. Your Brother says:

    The only team that will give them trouble in the playoffs will be the Padres because of Peavy…and maybe the Mets if they start winning. However, they might not even make it, because the Phillies are coming up on them(another team we could handle).

  6. Your Brother says:

    When it comes to the playoffs, you need pitching. The Padres have the best, but(whether you want to admit it or not) we are second best(with probably the best bullpen).

  7. Shane says:


    Oh, wait… Seriously, as a Giants fan I’m glad we have the Cubs and Indians out there as standing between us and ultimate futility. But, I think we should all take heart, if the White Sox and Red Sox can shake their droughts…

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