Chicago Cubs 2007 Postmortem

So the Cubs just got swept by the Diamondbacks. I am sure Wrigleyville is aglow with self-flagellaton and gnashing of teeth, and to all the Cubs fans who are writhing and shedding tears, all I have to say is;

What the fuck is wrong with you?

The 2007 Chicago Cubs were a mediocre, bipolar ballclub  who only played championship caliber baseball for a month or two of the regular season. They split the six months of the regular season, 3 winning months and 3 losing ones. They displayed the capability to win and lose in fits and starts. They are a team with certain glaring deficiencies that were finally exposed on a national stage by a team who just flat out played better baseball.

The Cubs are the more talented team, but they also are inconsistent. The Diamondbacks play a lower risk style of baseball that helps not only in a short series, but over the course of 162 games. You don’t win 90 games if your pitching, hitting or defense cannot provide you with a reliable baseline of expectations. When people asked me what I thought about the Cubs chances, I said it all depended on which Cubs team shows up.

Unfortunately, the Cubs team who got swept by the freaking Florida Marlins showed up. The team whose top 5 men in the lineup strike out and leave men on base. The team whose 2nd and 3rd starters fold under the pressure of the playoffs. The team who cannot win if they are not crushing the ball out onto Waveland.

They were bad and they lost. It should not be surprising to anyone. I have said it all season. This is NOT a championship caliber team, and their playoff demise is indicative of exactly how they performed all season.

Cubs fans – take a page from the book of the White Sox fans or Braves fans. Believe it when you see it. Enough of the blind faith and unwavering loyalty. Use your fucking brain and think critically about your team. Raise the bar. Expect more. There is nothing to celebrate this season. They failed to win the World Series. Now it is all about next year, when everyone will be a year older and a year more expensive.

Also…no fucking billy goat curse bullshit talk. THERE IS NO CURSE. ONLY BAD BASEBALL.


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