Bulls hit the jackpot

BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY BALLSThe Chicago Bulls defied the odds and won the NBA draft lottery yesterday. They now feature the first pick in the draft which will take place…well…I don’t know when. Sometime relatively soon, I assume. Anyway, I will go ahead and admit that I am an NBA novice. In addition, I really could not possibly care less about NCAA basketball. Too many Goddamned players in college and most of them are bad, so I don’t watch. That shit all happens during hockey season anyway.

The overwhelming belief at this point is that the Bulls will have to decide between two players. Derrick Rose from Memphis and Michael Beasley from Kansas State. Beasley is a forward and Rose a guard. Both project out to be very good NBA players, but, unfortunately, the Bulls can only take one of them. The Bulls are currently without a head coach, without defined roles for their current crop of players – most of whom are bad, and, most importantly, without any sense of direction or purpose. This Bulls team is mired neck deep in shit and either Beasley or Rose is going to be expected to pull the franchise out of the doldrums of NBA mediocrity and hang a banner.

So which one?

Bulls GM John Paxson said that the positions the players play is not a factor and that the Bulls are evaluating talent alone. I really don’t have a problem with that statement, considering the team is currently bad at every position, so either player will be an dramatic improvement.

In my opinion, and it is a completely uneducated and uninformed one, Derrick Rose is probably the way to go. I like Beasley’s size and explosiveness a lot, but when I think about it…position does matter. If you take the 3 Bulls who compose the point guard rotation (Hinrich, Gordon and Duhon) and you combined all of them, that hybrid point guard would still be smaller, slower, dumber, less athletic, worse defensively and more foul prone than Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose – at very worst – would bring some definition and semblance of order to the Bulls back court. You would now have a smart, instinctive and athletic point guard. Hinrich can sit his ass on the bench while Rose dishes and dunks and when he needs to be spelled, Captain Kirk can come in and get his 3 fouls in 8 minutes and then sit down again. It sends Ben Gordon into the only role he belongs in on an NBA team – shooting guard. Chris Duhon…well…he can just go away.

So the team will have their star player. Their go-to man. The guy around whom they have to build the rest of the team. Time will tell whether or not Beasley or Rose will be the better pro player, but given the current state of the team I think that a bona-fide point guard is the right choice for a team that has a young, big, athletic question mark at forward named Tyrus Thomas. We know they are bad and small and bad at guard…shore up the most important position on the floor and hopefully in 2 or 3 seasons Derrick Rose is the guest of honor at a party in Grant Park.


Michael Beasley highlights:

Derrick Rose highlights:


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7 Responses to Bulls hit the jackpot

  1. Patrick says:

    “The Bulls are currently without a head coach, without defined roles for their current crop of players – most of whom are bad

    I respectfully suggest that you do not know what you are talking about. If Skiles hadn’t totally torpedoed the morale of this team in the last season, they were widely favored to go to the Finals, if not take home rings.

    The Bulls still have:
    – Luol Deng
    – Kirk Heinrich
    – Ben Gordon
    – Andreas Nocioni
    – Tyrus Thomas

    Heinrich is absolutely lights fucking out when he is on. Same for Gordon. Nocioni has the tenacity of Rodman – pay attention when he plays, it’s all elbows and swearing, he gets under everybody’s skin – and Thomas is young with a fucking absolute ton of potential.

    So they lost Joe Smith (probably the best producer they had in this last disappointing season) and Wallace (meh, fuck it, dude fell off). They actually have a pretty spectacular roster. At very least they already have a playoff team without their amazing draft pick.

    I think you’re making a mistake to say that most of the current Bulls are bad. They have a pretty commanding 5 there, plus a handful of other dudes who bring it when needed (Aaron Gray stepped it up big when they traded Wallace; Joakim Noah has turned out to be an asset and not just a terrifying clown).

    Related: remember last time this shit happened, where a team with one lottery slot got the first pick? If I’m remembering and using Wikipedia properly, Orlando got it twice in a row – and the second time, they only had one lottery slot, and it was amazing.

  2. Dusty says:

    I would not describe any of the those bulls players as “spectacular.” In fact, Patrick, you’ve neglected what are probably two of the best 3 or 4 players on the team right now: Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden.


  3. Anthony says:

    Ideally, Hinrich is a 3rd guard. Drafting Rose would move him to that position which is a bonus, but he still dribbles too damn much and fouls way too damn much for my liking. He is not a good decision maker and dribbles himself into either a bad pass or shot half of the time. I like him off the bench – not running the team’s plays all of the time.

    Luol Deng is still a plus player in my book because he is smart, long limbed and willing to defend, but he cannot attack the basket or dribble in traffic well enough to draw either fouls or double teams. Hopefully, with a pure point guard to dish him the ball, it will free up enough room for him to get the open shots he thrives on.

    Nocioni is a spazz. He is definitely an agitator and when he has the hot hand his outside jumpers and threes can shoot you back into a game. I like Chapu but I think the Rodman comparison is a bit much as Rodman not only had a higher basketball IQ, but he took shit as well as he gave it where Nocioni acts as though he has never fouled anyone in his life and that whole act wears thin mighty quick.

    The reason I referred to Thomas as a big athletic question mark is because the light still has not gone on for him. If he comes to his senses and applies himself a little more I think he could be a real force. Unfortunately, up to this point, he has yet to max out his unworldly athletic attributes and work on his defense and post skills.

    As far as the absolutely ridiculous comment about Skiles, I think it should be fairly obvious now that Skiles had the Bulls at redline for the better part of two seasons and he got a lot more out of an undersized and average roster than any of us should have expected. If the Bulls roster were talented enough to bring home rings under Skiles and dropped to such a pathetic that they not only were in the lottery but won it after he left, I think it goes to show that Skiles, likability aside, was the best coach for the team and his firing was an absolute mistake.

    Hopefully, though, whomever they take at number 1 will be able to make me forget about the Skiles firing right quick.

    When I say the Bulls are bad it is only in comparison to what I think it takes to win a championship. Sure the Bulls look good relative to the Heat or the Bucks, but hold the Bulls roster next to the roster of any of this year’s playoff teams and I don’t think measure up at all.

  4. Patrick says:

    This is the second time that Skiles has showed up, made quick improvements to a team for a few years, and then had them burn out.

    I will bet you fifty dollars that the same shit happens to the Bucks. However, somebody else will have to watch the games for me because, you know, they’re the Bucks.

    I have rose-colored glasses on because I just love the Bulls. I’m like how Dusty is with the Bears. :)

  5. Anthony says:

    Skiles has proven to be an excellent point A to point B coach. In this league, you need a superstar (or in the case of the Pistons 3 or 4 regular stars) player to get you to point C (C is for CHAMPIONSHIP). Skiles definitely has to prove to that he can coach a champion, but I think he has proven far and away that he can maximize the talent of a non-championship roster, which is still what I think the Bulls have.

    I definitely get the feeling that, come Bears training camp, the roles will be reversed and Dusty will be the one disagreeing with me.

  6. Dusty says:

    I agree with Anthony, and its possible that the Bulls realized that it would be impossible to win without a superstar and gave up on Skiles after they played the best they could and were unable to make it to the Finals. Hopefully one day NBA refs will make an effort at consistency, but because this wont happen anytime soon, Bulls should draft Rose.

    Most of my opinions that received snobbish criticism have been vindicated.

    Like in 05 when the Bears would come back from their poor start and go to the playoffs.
    Like in 06 when I claimed Bears could win 14 games.
    Like in 07 when I said Tank Johnson was the victim of Racism
    Like in 07 when I said that a Briggs signing was far from impossible.

    Ok, I was wrong about Benson.

    And I’ll take the over on 8.5 wins in the 08 season.

  7. Loggerhead says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Loggerhead!!!!

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