Please disregard what I said earlier about the Chicago Cubs

I posted not so long ago about the Cubs. Singing their praises and all full of Cubbie glee. That is because they were in the midst of a 10 game home stand in which they would go 8-2, including a 3 game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks, one of the best teams in the Majors this year. Yes, I was taking big gulps of the Cubbie Kool Aid, and while Jim Jones hasn’t gotten a hold of the Kool Aid (yet), I must admit that the ugly 3 game series at the Juice Box in Houston that followed the 10 home games enabled me to put down my cup of sugar water in favor of a bottle of Goose Island IPA and realize that, yes, the Cubs suck on the road. Home cooking has been good to the Cubs, as they have posted a 19-8 record at Wrigley and a paltry 9-11 record on the road. The only road series they have won was against a dreadful Pittsburgh Pirates, which is where they open up a weekend 3 gamer tonight with Carlos Zambrano stepping to the mound in attempt to stop the Cubs 2 game skid against once-thought-to-maybe-someday-be-good-but-now-we-see-he-is-just-another-bad-Pirates- left-hander Zach Duke.

After the 3 in the Steel City, they come back home to host the Dodgers and Rockies for 3 and 4 respectively before heading West for 3 and 4 against the Padres and then the Dodgers again. In my opinion it is still too early to be assigning too much importance to any one game or series, but if the Cubs road trend continues it may portend bad things for later in the season.

The Cubs have only 9 home games in September – the last month of the season – and of the 25 games they play that month, only 4 (on the road against the Mets) are against a non-divisional opponent. My hope is that they will have clinched their playoff spot long before then, but baseball is a wacky game and who knows what kind of importance those 12 divisional road games may have.


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