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John Paxson to economy: RECESSION MY ASS

Apparently John Paxson has completely lost any contact with reality, because, according to Brian Hanley of the Sun Times, Luol Deng is going to sign a deal that will pay him $71,000,000 guaranteed over the course of 6 years. This … Continue reading

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How to make an Old Fashioned

This is geared to my people out there. You know who you are. Those of you too good for cocktails that involve Red Bull and/or vodka. Those of you who would prefer a $30 bottle of whiskey for the house … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal in Baghdad

I picked this up at Hollywood Video for two reasons. 1) I thought I remembered Nathan Lee giving it a positive review on Rotten Tomatoes 2) The cover is awesome and features an Iron Maiden-esque font. I must say, it … Continue reading

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There Will Be Bore

So I finally got around to renting and watching the critically acclaimed, award winning opus of oilman (well, he likes to think of himself as an oilman) Daniel Plainview. I was excited. I thought the movie looked excellent, and I … Continue reading

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Gee whiz…I wonder if Katherine Heigl’s sister is going to fall in love Edward Burns (whom Katherine Heigl is also in love with)? Then I wonder if Katherine Heigl’s sister is going to get married to Edward Burns and Katherine … Continue reading

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