Big Nothing (2006)

So sometimes you just happen upon something on a cable movie channel that piques your interest. For me, anything with Simon Pegg piques my interest. Typically, it is Hot Fuzz in HD. I try to watch it at least once a week, and STARS usually obliges. Last night, though, we were getting ready to watch They Live on Showtime and prior to it, there was a commercial for this movie with Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer called Big Nothing. We set ourselves a recording and just got done watching it.

This movie is fun as hell. I won’t try to paint you a picture of what happens because this caper/heist/mystery film is somewhat convoluted. Not in a The Big Sleep (original) kinda way where you can watch it a million times and never be sure of who is doing what and why…more of an Oceans 11 (remake) kinda way…where they tell you what is going to happen the whole time and it is never believable, but you believe it and enjoy it anyway.

It surprised me quite a bit. Watch for this on cable or go rent it. Well worth your time.



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