Tonight’s Workout (03/01/12) Keep Your Heart And Never Follow

Tabata Cycle 1:

  • Mountain Climber
  • Cross Crunches
  • Steam Engine
  • Oblique Dumbbell Twist
  • Crunches
  • Flutterkicks
  • Pushups
  • Plank

Tabata Cycle 2 (x2):

  • Crunches
  • Flutterkicks
  • Pushups
  • Oblique Dumbbell Twist

Then, just for the fuck of it, I did a mile on the treadmill. It might have just been 1k. I don’t know. I went until the “distance” read ‘1.0.” It took around 10 minutes or so, so I assume that means 1 mile. Even I can do a mile in 10 minutes.

Anyway, I had very little intention of working out tonight. I left my second job feeling pretty content. Job 1 was hectic and taxing. Worked up a real-deal sweat there for the first time in ages. I didn’t go on a calorie splurge or anything. On the drive home, I talked myself into working out, but I wasn’t please about it. So, by the time I got to the gym around 10 pm, I felt “I’m just gonna hit it and quit it.” I had packed my usual gym bag of swim trunks, towel, shower stuff and clean clothes just in case I wanted to hit the hot tub and shower after working out, but I was in no mood tonight. 30 minutes on the elliptical was real unappealing, so I went with some Tabata abdominal stuff. I went full tilt boogie on the Spartacus Workout last night, so my quads are still barking and thought maybe I should pay attention to my core, seeing as how that is where I am storing the most unsightly fat.

The Tabata went well, but I felt like I had more to give, so I hopped on the treadmill and did 10 minutes or so, amping up gradually til the speed was at 6.0 (whatever the fuck that means). I stayed there until the sweat was stinging my eyes, until the “distance” counter reached “1.0” and until I had worked through a few choice tracks on the Shatter soundtrack:

So, I ended up putting in a really good effort when I had originally planned to skip it altogether. For whatever reason, my work ethic has been great. I’ve also reformed my diet that I don’t just stuff my goddamned face until I feel pain anymore…except for dinner. I’ve done a great job with breakfast and lunch. My meal plans have become very Spartan. I am bringing “salads” to work. They are undressed. Just bits of veggies thrown into tupperware and eaten dry. Breakfast is always oatmeal or a small bowl or cereal or granola bars. Nothing too fancy, but also not the 4 or 5 donuts I could easily eat with my cup of coffee if I had the opportunity.

There is another place I am doing well. Beverages. I’ve essentially cut out all canned colas. I make iced tea (unsweetened…not because it is healthier, but because sweet tea is fucking gross) at home and bring a 32 ounce bottle to work to have with lunch instead of the usual can of Coke. The extra coffee and tea doesn’t bode well for my kidney stone issue, but as long as I keep doubling down on water between oxylated drinks, hopefully I can keep them at bay.

As I was saying, though, breakfast and lunch have been great sources of pride for me. As has my former prime snacking time…the 2 or 3 hours before bed. On nights when I have worked out, I have (more or less) been great about not eating a bunch of shit before bed.

Dinner, however, remains the bane of my weight-loss plans. Around 4:30, I start salivating and getting chills because I know I’ll get home any my lovely wife will have prepared a lovely dinner for me, and I know that I am going to sit there and eat it until it is all gone because I am just an idiot, apparently, and moderation at dinner time seems impossible for me. Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I go to my second job after stuffing my face with dinner and then buy terrible crap out of the vending machines there and inhale them until my stomach is just bloated and painful.

My weight loss is no longer motivated by a number on a scale. I learned a while back that weighing in is a sucker bet. Rather, my motivation for losing weight is based on a few more practical things. First off…clothes. All the nicest clothes I have are smaller, tighter fitting things and squeezing into them like a sausage does nothing for me. My tight jeans haven’t moved into “comfortable” territory yet, but a lot of the jeans that were “comfortable” have moved into the “loose” category. So that is a start.

Secondly, there were two engagements in my family last month. That means I have weddings coming up, and I want to look nice, as the last two weddings I went to, I was a hot mess.

Lastly, and most importantly…it’s about compliments. I have been getting hell of compliments from people, and, when you look like I do from the shoulders up for your whole life, any sort of compliment from anyone in the world is worth it’s weight in gold.

So, when things have been going so well in every other aspect, why am I unable to show even the slightest bit of restraint at dinner time? I don’t need seconds. I almost certainly don’t need thirds. But I keep going back until the food is gone. So…I feel like if I could just affix some sort of electric shock collar to my neck that activates whenever I go back to the kitchen for another helping…maybe…just maybe…I could really start losing some appreciable tonnage.

Anyway, these 900+ rambling, aimless words have been fueled by the last of my Evan Williams.

Evan Williams: It’s Not Great But It’s What You Have In Your Kitchen Because It Is Like $5.


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