I have a bunch of little stuff to blog about. Nothing of much consequence. So I am just going to dump it all in in this here post just for my own edification.


  1. FISHED AT BUSSE: Hot. About 80 degrees. Bluebird skies. Steady winds. Started off

    We're gonna need a bigger van.

    at my dad’s famed “Point Spence” where he “hooked into the biggest fish he ever hooked into.” He says it “felt like a German shepherd on the end of the line.” The line that, of course, the German shepherd snapped before he landed it. Anyway, the walk to Point Spence was kinda long. The length of the walk itself was not a problem. The reeds, trees, thorns, swampy marsh and ticks, however, kinda sucked. Point Spence itself is actually quite nice, and I’d like to head back there someday when conditions are a little more favorable. After skunking, we headed to the North Pool, where Jason at Windy City Fishing has been pulling out fish that, until seeing the pics, I was unaware existed in Busse. My dad caught some bluegill on nightcrawlers. I caught nothing on lipless cranks. Alex caught nothing on spinners. Chris caught nothing on anything he tried. We spent most of the ride home finding and removing ticks off ourselves. A fun time was had anyway. Love fishing with the fam.

  2. CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE: Came home from Busse. Wife, who had woken up with me at 6:30 am to start the corned beef, had made cabbage and potatoes, seeing as how it was St. Patrick’s day. My mother in-law came over as well, which was nice, because I got to finally talk to her about the court case I was on the jury for. The dinner was delicious. 
  3. The Supersizers Go…1950’s: Quickly becoming one of my favorite shows, even though I kept falling asleep during it.


  1. CONSUMERISM: Holy crap. So much shopping.
  • Caribou Coffee: large iced for me and a pound of Narino  beans for the house.
  • Kohl’s: Wife got some running shoes and we got Grace Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider”
  • Michael’s: Wife bought biggest ball of yard ever and bamboo knitting needles. I was unable to locate a vice I could use for tying hair jigs
  • Super Target: I got underwear, undershirts, socks and shorts. All very badly needed. Buying undergarments is way more exciting for me than it should be.
  • Wendy’s: Lunching it up. The spicy guacamole chicken thing with bacon is good.
  • Main Street Cycle Shop: They were closed, but I scoped out a few new spots on the Fox I’m dying to fish, and even managed to resist the urge to run to the car and get my gear out of the trunk after seeing a smallmouth jump 5 feet from shore.
  • Library: I returned “Makers” and “IBM & The Holocaust.” Neither of which I finished, neither for any good reason.
  • Jewel: BEER.




  1. DECIDED ON A BIKE TO BUY. Purchase pending tax return and it being available in my size. 
  2. PUT AWAY NEW CLOTHES: This involved getting rid of a ton of stuff. I also cleaned my closet it, which felt surprisingly awesome. What won’t feel awesome will be in the morning when I stub my right pinky toe on my Silvertone guitar amp, which I pulled back out of it’s hidden nook and is in the path I use to shamble toward the bathroom to in the morning.
  3. BLACKHAWKS: Boy howdy the Capitals aren’t very good.
  4. DINNER: Reubens made from leftover corned beef. Fuck and yes.
  5. PAINTING: Painted 3 lovely pictures with Grace. A flower, some fireworks and a peace sign. :)
  6. EXERCISE: I have been slacking like a motherfucker on this front, so I decided to get back into the swing of things tonight. Started the Couch To 5K program again, as well as 100 pushups and 100 situps. Also did some resistance band  stuff.
  7. THE WALKING DEAD: Please…anybody who is watching this show that has NOT read the books…do yourself a favor and please read them. This show went from “meh” to “ugh” to “WHY THE FUCK AM I WATCHING THIS” real quick. Everything about it is abysmal. Please. Don’t watch this show. Go read the books. Please. The books are amazing. The show is garbage.


Well, in a nutshell, that is about it for my weekend. It was a good weekend, albeit too short of one. Speaking of which, I am up way past my bedtime, so, goodnight.


About Anthony

Husband of one, father of one. Two cats, one dog, a bike, and some fishing poles. I do nothing well.
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