Thursday Roundup

I am worn down ragged and don’t much feel like expounding, so time for some quick thoughts on things.


Well, we got our tax return and I ordered my bike. It is this here one, and according to the UPS tracking website, it left Chattanooga, TN at 7 PM this evening. If Google Maps is to be believed (it’s probably not) it is a 10 hour drive to Palatine, IL from Chattanooga, and if that UPS truck is going directly to the Palatine UPS ocation that delivers to my work each day (it’s probably not) there is a slim chance it will make it there for delivery tomorrow as it said in the confirmation email (not a chance in hell).

Most likely, it will be delivered Monday, though, which is a bummer, because I was looking forward to having the weekend to set it up, ride it and tune it before taking it to work for the first time. Plus, I have a decent amount of stuff I need to get before I start commuting everyday on it. Things like a helmet and lights and tubes and an air pump and a lock and a rack etc etc. Plus, Fish Glove and Moose were planning to come out after work tomorrow night and help me assemble it, as they both have more knowledge of bikes than me (READ: ANY), as well as more tools than me (AGAIN, READ: ANY). The plan was to meet up on the Fox River to do some fishing until sunset and then head back to my crib for assembly. Bike or not, that is a nice segue to my next topic.


Stopped at Kimball Street this morning before work to see if Fatso was back where we first danced. No such luck. It was pretty fucking chilly this morning, considering we were in the 80s a few days ago, so I didn’t expect the fish to be that active. On my lunchbreak I headed back, though, as if I am going to be “guiding” Fish Glove and Moose there tomorrow night, I felt I should maybe possibly find more than the one spot I fish there. After all, there are a ton of possible nice hiding spots around those man-made islands, particularly with the water level being up like it is.

So under bright sun, bluebird skies and a nary a zephyr of wind, I crossed the bridge I usually fish at and walked up and down the islands scoping out other likely smallmouth hangouts. Much to my delight, I found one.

Definitely not a big fella, but on the chunky side, which is nice to see. Caught him in a spot where the current is so slack I was actually casting upstream with the spinner and retrieving with the current. Per my understanding, fish face upstream waiting for snacks to come floating by, so I definitely see the benefit of casting upstream, but in certain areas, particularly with the netted mats used along the shoreline in this area, it makes presentation of faster, flashier stuff like spinners a little more difficult. We’ve got some shore to explore tomorrow after work, though (and, to be completely honest, on my way to work and on my lunchbreak again most likely) and hopefully I can get Fish Glove his first bronzeback and he can see what the hubub is all about.


We are doing some spring cleaning around the house. And by “we” I mean “after Nikki walked to Dunkin Donuts and bought me donuts I quite literally sat on the couch watching the Blackhawks and eating donuts and drinking coffee while she resumed extremely intense and detailed cleaning of the house.” As the tallest member of the household, I was assigned bookcase duty and took the opportunity to rearrange the game shelf a bit. Added the PS3 games to it in the hopes that, if I actually have visual contact with them often, maybe I will actually fucking play them sometime. My gaming “TO DO” list is fucking long and mostly insurmountable.

  • JOURNEY. I bought this, downloaded it, installed it, and have yet to play it. I really, really hope to play it this weekend. By most accounts, you can knock it out in under 2 hours, and most of those accounts also recommend that you play it all in one sitting, which I intend to do. Hearing stories of genuine astonishment at points in that game. Not from people like myself, either, but from people who cover and play games for a living. I am trying to distance myself from the talk because I want the experience to be unspoiled going in, although the hype that is exciting me to play it so much may in and of itself work against me. We’ll see. If it is half as enjoyable and affecting as people are claiming I will do a full write up.
  • DEMON’S SOULS: I traded in Red Dead Redemption for this. Not because I didn’t like Red Dead Redemption, but more that I just have kinda worn tired of Rockstar’s open world stuff. GTA IV was a slog, and Red Dead just never grabbed me. So I traded it in for Demon’s Souls, because I hate myself.
  • SAINTS ROW THE THIRD: Forget everything I just said about open world fatigue. This game is fucking great and I have played maybe 4 or 5 hours of it…but…I just don’t have the fucking time, man. And it sucks because…Zimos is amazing.
  • BORDERLANDS: Fish Glove bought me Borderlands 2 for Christmas. It comes out in September. Have I already played through the entire game with the soldier, hunter and siren classes? Yes. That just leaves Brick, the Berzerker class, and I sure-as-shit want to play through it from start to finish with him before 2 comes out. Also, I still have some trophies to get and I don’t even own half of the DLC…so…yeah. More Borderlands is always good.
  • VALKYRIA CHRONICLES/FFXIII/3D DOT GAME HEROES: These are all borrowed games that I want to, respectively, finish/play more of/start. Valkyria surprised the hell out of me. Anime art styles are typically not my thing but Valkyria, despite it’s age, is gorgeous. Slap a WWII theme on pretty much anything and I will give it a shot. FFXIII is the first FF game I ever played. What I played of it was ok, I guess, but I also really was able to understand the criticisms of the slow buildup and, holy shit…way to really lean into the JRPG tropes. 3D Dot Game Heroes just looks like some good goddamn fun.



I’ve gotten lazy with my workouts again, partially because I haven’t had the energy (sleeping less so I can fish more), partially because I have just been in a lot of goddamn pain lately. Methinks my work shoes, hand-me-down Skechers that are at least a half size too big for my unusually tiny feet, aren’t cutting it anymore. Feels like I am battling a heel bruise of some kinda. Starts from the moment I put my foot on the floor to get out of bed in the morning and by the end of the night it’s quite annoying. So, I’ve been doing low-impact cardio and, when I am feeling up to it, 1 mile runs. Still want to lose a lot of tonnage.


Grace had her first dentist appointment and her 5 year checkup with the pediatrician, and those both went well, save for her Kindergarten innoculations which, I am told, went exactly how you would expect a 5 year old getting two shots would go.

My grandparents in TN were involved in a head-on car accident doing 50 mph. My mom went down to be with them and get them settled after their hospital stays. They, and we, are lucky that they are doing as well as they are. They’re tough.

We got to go out last weekend. We didn’t have a sitter, but we were only going to Steven and Nick’s house for Chris and Nick’s combined b-day get-together, so we were able to bring her along and at least pretend like are able to leave the house and socialize from time-to-time. With any luck, we can get someone to watch the kid for a good chunk of time so we can do dinner and a movie…or whatever it is that adults do. I have no fucking idea anymore. It’s been quite a while.

Going to the ESO this Sunday. Looking forward to it. Violin concertos from Bach and Mendelssohn and then Mozart’s Jupiter symphony. Always an enjoyable time…also…it’s, you know…quite literally right behind my “secret” smallmouth spot on the river.

I guess that is about it for now. I am probably forgetting a bunch of stuff I should be writing about, but, hey. I was falling asleep on the couch 30 minutes ago when I decided to come do this instead of going directly to bed.

P.S. Thanks to everyone actually reading this. Turns out my circulation (some) is a lot larger than I assumed it was (none).

Soundtrack to this writing was At The Drive In – In/Casino/Out.