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I Got A Rock

The back way out of my apartment complex is a steep gravel and dirt hill that leads down to a paved, curbless street of a well-to-do subdivision. That street is downhill, this one less steep but quite long. The little … Continue reading

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Last night I finished Journey, the final game in ThatGameCompany’s PSN exclusive “game” “trilogy.” I quote both game and trilogy separately because the three games are completely unrelated, so they aren’t really a trilogy and, according to some, the first … Continue reading

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D.I.Y. Pannier – Or – How I Spent No Money & Learned To Love Cable Ties

Since the weather and fishing have both been cold recently, it’s time for another bike-centric post. Tomorrow I am riding to work and my goal tonight was to get the derailers adjusted to where I could use all the rear … Continue reading

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More like deFAILleur.

With the assistance of my friends, I think the bike I purchased was a great choice, and I have been very pleased with it. It has easily handled everything I have thrown it’s way. Rocky hills, potholes, grass, dirt, gavel, … Continue reading

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Another Smallmouth

On the way home from work this morning I stopped at my not-so-secret Fox River spot below the Kimball Street dam. The water level, flow and clarity were all down dramatically compared to earlier in the month. The mid-steam rock … Continue reading

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[LINK] Fun With Maps

Chris over at CB Fishes is putting together some maps. This is a very cool idea and could be quite helpful to today’s “always connected” anglers. Wanted to throw up a link to show him some support and hopefully inspire … Continue reading

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My bike has finally arrived! I use the word finally as if to say that it was a long, arduous wait, but actually the ordering and delivery process was all excellent, save for the delivery getting pushed back from Friday … Continue reading

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