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I never have time for anything these days, which explains why I haven’t updated here in a long fuckin’ time. So, instead of devoting time I don’t have to the posts I want to do (I honestly have a handwritten … Continue reading

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D.I.Y. Pannier Redux

A while back, I blogged about my D.I.Y. pannier project. I discovered today that, under a full load and rough terrain, it was insufficient. I was able to patch it on the road to get me to work, but then … Continue reading

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It is happening. The pond. The bugs. The frogs. The birds. The bugs. THE BITE. The bass are back, they are becoming aggressive, and I am excited. I decided to stop at the pond between jobs tonight, and, while I … Continue reading

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Staring Contest

I came home late tonight*, drained, wet, tired, and considering going straight to bed. After changing out of my damp jeans (more on this in a later post), I decided, instead, upon pouring myself a Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye and … Continue reading

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I’ve got a lot of topics to write about…unfortunately I have very little time (and frankly when I do, the motivation) to write. I’ll try harder. For now, though, I must head off to work. 1 year anniversary there today. … Continue reading

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