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Fishin’ With CB

The internet and me…we have an odd relationship. I will forgo the “WebTV genesis” of my internet life and just quickly come to the point that I have made a lot of friends over the internet, many of whom I … Continue reading

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Go Into The Water

I don’t know what officially, meteorologically or scientifically defines a drought. My definition has always been “when I hear white suburban men complaining about watering their lawns, it is a drought.” Since I have begun fishing, though, water levels of … Continue reading

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Generally, I like to start out all my posts with an insane amount of background details as a means of setting the stage for the meager happenings that I like to pass off as interesting. In this case, I absolutely … Continue reading

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Hey Howdy Hey

Holy shit have I been inconsistent with this thing of late. And by “of late,” I obviously mean “the last 2 months,” and by “inconsistent” I obviously mean “consistently not posting at all.” So what is new? Not a whole … Continue reading

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Puppy Day

We are getting a dog today. A puppy, to be more specific. By “getting,” what I really mean is that, we are going to foster the dog for 2 weeks to make sure she gets along with us (wife, daughter, … Continue reading

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