Hey Howdy Hey

Holy shit have I been inconsistent with this thing of late. And by “of late,” I obviously mean “the last 2 months,” and by “inconsistent” I obviously mean “consistently not posting at all.”

So what is new? Not a whole lot, I guess. I have a write up of our vacation to Kentucky Lake saved as a draft that still needs finishing, and I also still need to get the images from everyone else’s cameras before posting it.

I’ve been doing as much fishing as possible. Had some luck on some new baits. I’m in a place now where I am kind of petered out on largemouth and have been getting to the river as much as possible, but, the subject of new baits, new techniques and new species is deserving of it’s own write up, one that I will, admittedly, probably never get around to.

The biggest news is the puppy. We are fostering a puppy through One Tail At A Time. Her name is Mallory, she is an absolute sweetheart and things, so far, are going splendidly. We all are getting used to living with each other. The cat has stopped hiding for the most part. A semblance of routine is beginning to form and, most importantly, my previously held experiences and assumptions about dog ownership are being shattered. Last night when I got home from an annoying day, I sat on the couch, Mallory jumped up next to me, put her head in my lap and stayed put for an hour. I just sat there watching Gilmore Girls with my wife and pet the dog. For an hour, she just laid there and absorbed my crabby mood like a sponge via petting. My previous plans to take a hot bath and drink a beer to unwind went completely out the window. Had no interest in getting up and spoiling the moment. So I didn’t. And it was awesome.

I hope things continue to go well with Mallory. She is a very chill, very affectionate and very cute.

Just like me.



About Anthony

Husband of one, father of one. Two cats, one dog, a bike, and some fishing poles. I do nothing well.
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3 Responses to Hey Howdy Hey

  1. Stone Cold Steve Loos says:

    I’m so happy to see you enjoying her company. There’s not many bonds I have that can compete with the one I have with Lenny. Congrats dude, I can’t wait to meet her.

  2. Awesome post! I can relate to long periods without posting… Hang in there brother. Congrats on the puppy! Dogs are awesome. I think me liking the outdoors can actually be linked directly to my dog Walter- he wanted to be outside, so I went, and it was nice. Hooray for dogs!

  3. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Lenny is a pretty cool dog, although a bit of a spazz. Also, Chris, our cat’s named Walter.

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