“It’s weird to think that women just used to wear dresses around the house.”

These are the most difficult days for me. A Monday morning at the beginning of the month after a busy, fun weekend. I’ve spent the bulk of my morning at work draining the battery on my phone almost to 0. Playing Router Aqua. Bullshitting on Twitter and Facebook. I went out to my car and cleaned/organized my tacklebox and did some reel maintenance. We have had almost absolutely no work come back to us and what orders we have seen have been small and easy. Days like today, when I could barely drag myself out of bed and then could barely drag myself off the couch to get here are the worst because I know at home I have a beautiful daughter, wife, dog and cat presumably going about their business, having a nice day. They will probably take the dog for a nice long walk and then go swimming, where they will have a nice poolside lunch in the shade. Then they will come home and play with the now-riled up dog, perhaps watch a movie together, play games, do some art project…the point is, they can do whatever they like at home. Meanwhile, I am stuck here at work, away from them, for what feels like no good reason because I literally have nothing to do but sit around and hope we get orders at some point.

Days like today, when the dog woke my wife up at 6 am and she elected to take her out, letting me get a full extra hour of sleep because I have to go to work. My daughter doesn’t get up until after I am at work. I have to get up either way. She could have easily just kicked me in the dick, told me to take out the dog and go to work so she could sleep in. But she didn’t.

Then, when I finally shamble downstairs, she has not only fed the dog out and taken her out for her morning poop and done her usual morning “chores” of dishes and cleaning catboxes, she is kind enough to wait until I come down to make coffee so I can have a fresh cup. She is kind enough to bring it to me with a slice of pound cake as I sit on the couch and fight off dog licks while she remains in the kitchen, cleaning up the French press and coffee grinder.

Then, after a full day of caring for and entertaining the dog and our rambunctious 5 year old daughter while I am at work, she will find the energy and patience to cook dinner so when I get home and reassume my position on the couch, I will have a hot, delicious meal. This is the only time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays where I get to spend a precious hour or two with the whole family, because when I come back late at night, my daughter is already in bed (hopefully) sleeping.

After I leave again for job number 2, she will do more dog walking, more picking up dog poo, more games and arts and crafts with the 5 year old. The cat will probably puke at some point and she will clean it. The daughter will get a bath and then want to play for another hour or two before bed.

A million things will transpire at home while I am at work lifting boxes or scrubbing toilets, and my wife will take care of all of them. Yet she still somehow finds time to make me coffee in the morning and dinner at night, even though I explicitly tell her she doesn’t have to do such things. It’s 2012. I don’t want her to feel like I expect her to be Laura Petrie or June Cleaver, because I don’t, but I also want her to know that, when she does those Laura Petrie and June Cleaver things, that they don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Waking up to coffee, coming home to a clean house and a hot meal…these are not things I have ever asked for, but I get them. I am thankful and I am lucky.

So, thank you babe. You’re one in a million.

P.S. What’s for dinner?


About Anthony

Husband of one, father of one. Two cats, one dog, a bike, and some fishing poles. I do nothing well.
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One Response to “It’s weird to think that women just used to wear dresses around the house.”

  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks, hon…you’re too kind. I wish I had a house dress and good pearls to wear for you. I love you.

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