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“It’s weird to think that women just used to wear dresses around the house.”

These are the most difficult days for me. A Monday morning at the beginning of the month after a busy, fun weekend. I’ve spent the bulk of my morning at work draining the battery on my phone almost to 0. … Continue reading

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Generally, I like to start out all my posts with an insane amount of background details as a means of setting the stage for the meager happenings that I like to pass off as interesting. In this case, I absolutely … Continue reading

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Hey Howdy Hey

Holy shit have I been inconsistent with this thing of late. And by “of late,” I obviously mean “the last 2 months,” and by “inconsistent” I obviously mean “consistently not posting at all.” So what is new? Not a whole … Continue reading

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Puppy Day

We are getting a dog today. A puppy, to be more specific. By “getting,” what I really mean is that, we are going to foster the dog for 2 weeks to make sure she gets along with us (wife, daughter, … Continue reading

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I never have time for anything these days, which explains why I haven’t updated here in a long fuckin’ time. So, instead of devoting time I don’t have to the posts I want to do (I honestly have a handwritten … Continue reading

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I Got A Rock

The back way out of my apartment complex is a steep gravel and dirt hill that leads down to a paved, curbless street of a well-to-do subdivision. That street is downhill, this one less steep but quite long. The little … Continue reading

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More like deFAILleur.

With the assistance of my friends, I think the bike I purchased was a great choice, and I have been very pleased with it. It has easily handled everything I have thrown it’s way. Rocky hills, potholes, grass, dirt, gavel, … Continue reading

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