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Aural Fetish.

Yes – Close To The Edge

Yes is fucking great. You should listen to Yes. Advertisements

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Summation of Billy Corgan live in studio on Q101

Radio host: “Billy, tell me how great you are.” Billy Corgan: “I am pretty great and I am responsible for ever good piece of music ever written.” Radio host: “I completely agree with you.” Billy Corgan: “Of course you do.”

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Heavy Metal in Baghdad

I picked this up at Hollywood Video for two reasons. 1) I thought I remembered Nathan Lee giving it a positive review on Rotten Tomatoes 2) The cover is awesome and features an Iron Maiden-esque font. I must say, it … Continue reading

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Coheed & Cambria: Good Apollo Creed, My Burning Indie Rock Dick Is Burning Roman Numerals Whatever

A good friend of mine, whose opinion on music I trust and respect, beseeched me to listen to the newest Coheed & Cambria album, the name of which I do not feel like looking up and typing because it is … Continue reading

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Something surprising from the Beastie Boys

I have long been indifferent towards New York City’s Jewish hip-hop magnates The Beastie Boys. I don’t dislike them, I don’t like them. In my world, they are just there. A respectable and moderately enjoyable troika of nerds with acceptable … Continue reading

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Oh say can you see?

I have a grand total of zero magnetic ribbons on my car, which likely means I am not a good American. I am a sports fan though, and therefore I am exposed to numerous interpretations and renditions of our national … Continue reading

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St. Anger – 4 Years Later

It has been almost 4 full years since Metallica released St. Anger, and now that I have finally stopped laughing at the title track, I figured it would be a good time to give the album a full listen. After … Continue reading

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