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D.I.Y. Pannier Redux

A while back, I blogged about my D.I.Y. pannier project. I discovered today that, under a full load and rough terrain, it was insufficient. I was able to patch it on the road to get me to work, but then … Continue reading

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More like deFAILleur.

With the assistance of my friends, I think the bike I purchased was a great choice, and I have been very pleased with it. It has easily handled everything I have thrown it’s way. Rocky hills, potholes, grass, dirt, gavel, … Continue reading

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My bike has finally arrived! I use the word finally as if to say that it was a long, arduous wait, but actually the ordering and delivery process was all excellent, save for the delivery getting pushed back from Friday … Continue reading

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I have been a lazy, undisciplined fucker lately, so I thought it would be wise to get back into the swing of things. 3 consecutive sets of: 20 body weight squats 20 bent-over rows 20 shoulder presses 20 crunches 20 … Continue reading

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Today’s Workout: 1 Tabata, 2 Tabata, 3 Tabata, 4.

So, for reasons I can’t really divulge at the moment, I have been off from my day job all week. It has sucked. I am sitting on my ass all day instead of working, and I hate it. So, tonight … Continue reading

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TODAY’S WORKOUT – 02/27/12

I am in the midst of yet another attempt to stop being fat and gross. Not trying to metamorph into Shaun T or anything…I just want to be less jiggly. I’ve been at it in earnest for a couple three … Continue reading

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Growing up in the suburbs with a big field full of climbable trees, a fishable pond and ample hiding spots quite literally in my backyard meant I didn’t have to travel far for most of my fun. Always preferred that … Continue reading

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