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TODAY’S WORKOUT – 02/27/12

I am in the midst of yet another attempt to stop being fat and gross. Not trying to metamorph into Shaun T or anything…I just want to be less jiggly. I’ve been at it in earnest for a couple three … Continue reading

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Growing up in the suburbs with a big field full of climbable trees, a fishable pond and ample hiding spots quite literally in my backyard meant I didn’t have to travel far for most of my fun. Always preferred that … Continue reading

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Well, I just had a few hundred words hammered out, reread them, selected all and deleted because it was shit. I’ve had about an hour since I got back from my workout to say something – anything at all – … Continue reading

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Ethical Fishing Dilema

My dad made to me an odd proposition early in June of 2011. “Come fishing Saturday morning with me at 5 AM.” The thing that made such a request odd was that it would mark the first time I had … Continue reading

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You’re gonna eat a blizzard of…unseasonable warmth?

In the eyes of this writer, the insanely mild winter Chicagoland is in the midst of has been a blessing. Sure, my daughter has only gotten to use the sled Santa brought her 2 or 3 times, and that is … Continue reading

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